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It's on all of us to keep this tradition of
over 100 years alive!

The World 141 Club this time will be the ones ensuring the World 14.1 continues! The World 141 Club membership will go to the prize fund and expenses of the event including the Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet.
We understand not everyone is in a position to contribute extraordinary sums of money. That's why we developed the World 141 Club. This year's World 141 Club membership will be $250 and will include :

* Acknowledgement on our website sponsor list
* Acknowledgement on social media
* Vote in the 14.1 Hall of Fame
* Free ticket to watch during any of the first 3 days of the round robin in person
* 1 dinner ticket to the 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet
* Group photo of the entire 48 invitational pro player field
* ALL access pay per View to all 7 days of the World 14.1
* Exclusive membership supporter of the oldest tournament in the world since 1912
* Listed as a member on the official World Tournament website www.worldstraightpool.com
* Listed in email blast to all 14.1 fans and players worldwide
* Listed in World Tournament of 14.1 Program Book distributed at the event in NYC. (copy mailed to you if not present)

*** The total above is a $240 value just on the tickets and PPV Access alone!

Patron sponsors & corporate sponsors please contact us at 407-782-4978 & worldstraightpoolchampionships@gmail.com


Join the 14.1 Club
Price: $250

2016 - World 141 Club Members:
141. Charlie Williams & Cindy Lee Dragon Promotions *Elite Lifetime Members
140. Manny Stamatakis & Nikolakakos Georgios Steinway Billiards *Elite Member Steinway Billiards *Elite Member
139. Tom Gleich , NC *Elite member
138. Dr. Gregory Diehl , NY *Elite Member
137. Greg Hunt Amsterdam Billiards *Elite Member
136. Harold Siegel Excelsior Graphics *Elite Member
135. EJ Glode Andy Cloth *Elite Member
134. Dr. James Heller, NJ *Elite Member
133. Ed Liddawi Sandcastle Billiards
132. Randy Hanson & James Landrum, Big Dog Billiards IA
131. David Cora, Easy Street Billiards, CA
130. John Lavin , Red Shoe Billiards IL
129. Charles Eames Photography
128. FrankÕs Billiard Cafe, GER
127. Dr. Michael Fedak NY *Elite Lifetime Member
126. Randy Goldwater NY *Elite Lifetime Member
125. Shari Stauch Pool & Billiard Magazine
124. Ivan Lee, Aramith Balls *Elite Member
123. Janet Neitzel - ID
122. Robert Goddard - MS
121. Dennis Walsh- IL
120. Bill Maropulos- CA
119. Kevin Deane- IL
118. Rich Klein- IL
117. Joe Pernice-IL
116. Ned Redick-IN
115. Vincent Amaato- NJ
114. Andy Lincoln- MD
113. Sandy Schuman- Inside English- MI
112. Paul Gast- NY
111. Gene Mann- NY
110. Chris Cott - WI
109. APA of NYC - Stuart Scheer NY
108. Tony Robles - NAPL NY
107. Frank Stellman - WI